This is what we look for

Because we work with clients from a vast range of industries, we have found it useful to maintain a matching combination of knowledge, skills and experience.

This is not so much in order to maintain specialists matched to our vast range of client requirements, as it is to provide broad interpretation of our clients’ circumstances and thereby enable us to generate creative solutions to different problems.

While we greatly respect the good grades you might have achieved in school, we are especially keen to pick, and always look out for, those unique performance capabilities that make the difference between ordinary and high achievers. It is to these that we hope good grades can give the all important support.

Our framework of corporate competencies isolates six core competencies in the acronym C L L E A R, which we are all expected to demonstrate - each to the extent that individual roles demand. Clear evidence of these compeetncies - or at least four out of the six is a pre-requisite for further engagement of persons wishing to join the firm.