China, Mexico and Malaysia obtain 47, 22, and 16 million visitors annually, making them among the world’s leading destinations for long-haul tourists. In Africa, Egypt and South Africa are the leading long-haul tourist destinations with 15 and 12 million visitors annually respectively.

Tourism is important for many African economies. In Egypt, tourism earns the country over USD 1.2 billion annually and employs 12.5% of the country’s labour, while in South Africa it contributes 3.1% of GDP.

In Kenya, even with just 1.3 million visitors annually, tourism is the second largest contributor to GDP after agriculture, at 2.7% contributing just under Ksh. 100 billion (USD 1.17B) and employing 11% of the country’s labour.

This is what makes Kenya aim to be among the top ten long-haul tourist destinations globally by the year 2030.