Kenya, the East African region and Africa in general has seen tremendous growth over the last ten years.

Increased political stability, coupled with considerably enhanced systems of governance and public administration has spurred investor confidence and provided a strong foundation for all-round socio-economic development.

In Kenya, for example, constitutional, and related institutional reform has steadily progressed towards the establishment of functional devolved county governments, through which inclusive socio economic development has progressively been realised at the grassroots in line with the country’s national economic development blueprint, Vision 2030, the United Nations millennium development goals (MDGs) to 2015 and the the United Nations Social Development Goals (SDGs), thereafter.

Efficiency of growth, sustainability and capacity utilization will continue to be key areas of focus for the Government sector in the years to come.

The greatest amount of work we have done in the Government sector has been with the Government of Kenya, which over the last ten years has made considerable strides in transforming the country's systems of governance.