Agriculture plays a major role in the stability of many African economies.  On its own, Africa’s agricultural sector accounts for 24% of the continent’s GDP, with the larger part of the continent still unexploited.

In Kenya, for example, with the agricultural sector accounting for over 25% of the GDP, 65% of total exports and 19% of the country's formal employment, it is easy to see the relationship between development of the agricultural sector and the continent's overall economic development.

In terms of the industry's long-term sustainability, considerable growth has, been realised over the years in large-scale production of agricultural export crops, notwithstanding the relative underinvestment in modern agricultural technologies and the unfavourable foreign exchange-based pricing that impacts on Kenya's agricultural exports.

It is currently projected that from a total value of USD 330B in 2010, the value of Africa’s agriculture and agribusiness sector will reach USD 1.04 trillion by the year 2030.