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"Businesses that survive beyond seven years across the world fall into two categories: those that are engaged in attractive, sustainable business and those that survive only because they are externally funded, non compliant, or because their owners have nothing else to do. The lives of this last category of businesses are, unsuprisingly, intricately linked to the lives of thier owners". 

One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man.

(Elbert Hubbard)

Consider the following facts: 

Worldwide, there are about 300 million persons trying to start some 150 million businesses annually.

About a third of these are launched, bringing 50 million new firm births each year; or about 137,000 per day.  Very nearly the same number of active firms, approximately 120,000, fold up each day across the world.

  • In the United Kingdom, for example, only 68% of registered businesses survive beyond three years; 53% beyond five years, and only 32% survive beyond ten years.
  • In Canada, about 145,000 businesses start up each year, and about 137,000 businesses declare bankruptcy over the same period, as reported by Statistics Canada.
  • In Kenya, according to the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, three out of every five businesses fail within their first two years of operation.
  • 53% of small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) fail within the first three years in New Zealand, according to data from Statistics New Zealand.
  • In Brazil, out of the 1.6 million new businesses that open every two years, 652,186 close down within three years, with 51% closing before they are two years old.

These realities persits despite the existence of a sound, tested and growing body of knowledge on which viability and sustainability of enterprise can be pre-¬źdetermined, optimized, and otherwise variously managed.

When change is so rapid and defining, focus and determination to deliver superior results cushion the business from turbulence.

This is where well thought-out strategy cuts the difference.

In our Corporate Advisory Division we work with clients to position businesses for growth in competitive environments as well as to develop capacity to respond to changing business requirements.

Strategy is the bedrock of our Corporate Advisory Division.

We work with clients from different sectors to determine business focus, market potential, oraganisational capabilities and to evaluate and respond to various risks in the business environment.

We create value for our clients through robust and incisive planning processes and are distinguished by the simplicity into which we translate complex performance ideals so that our strategic planning outputs effectively support the execution of strategy.  

Financial performance is a universal scoreboard for all enterprises and a good financial strategy can make a huge difference. 

Through insightful financial planning, financial restructuring and performance management, we work with clients to develop adaptive financial solutions  geared to achieve specific business goals sustainably, more affordably and with the desired return on investment.


In Business Development, we work with clients to develop market, product, positioning and pricing strategies. 

Our business development advisory work assists clients in formulating business development plans, drawing from our vast understanding of a variety of markets and business environments.

Another rapidly growing area of our work in Business Development is the development of service delivery and differentiation strategies based on customer experience.

“If you can’t measure it, you can neither manage it, nor improve it”.  This is the performance challenge our advisory work in Benchmarking confronts.

We work with clients to benchmark performance  and to develop internal capacity for benchmarking as a quality and process improvement tool.

In addition, we maintain proprietary product, process, function and institutional performance databases, as well as collaborative access to similar databases across the world, on the basis of which we work with our clients to manage and improve global competitiveness.

Sustainability relies on integrity.  This is the relationship that our work in Assurance aims to protect.

We work with clients to mitigate business risks by improving the quality, validity and reliability of knowledge and information on which various decisions are made. 

Our structured evaluation of processes, technological, transactional and financial integrity, coupled with comprehensive risk assessment methodologies afford our clients the degree of assurance they need in their knowledge that their strategic choices and implementation plans are well suited to deliver on their expectations.

Competitive advantage that is based on people and their capabilities is complex and difficult to copy or defeat.  That is, if your competitive advantage is based on...

  • what your people know;
  • how your people use what they know;
  • how they feel about themselves and what they do;
  • how your people are led,
  • how they communicate; and
  • how they fit together.

These are vital areas of business for our clients.

In our People Performance Division, we work with clients to develop productivity solutions on the back of which individuals, can achieve personal objectives and effectively support organizational strategy.

A good strategy, poorly executed, achieves little.  This is what makes performance management critical in strategy. 

Our wide experience in this area has sharpened our capabilities in performance planning, measurement, and evaluation, which our clients find of great value. 

We work with clients to develop and implement performance management solutions that are reliably linked to organisational strategy, and therefore able to deliver the desired results.

People define organisations and how they perform; how sustainable they are and what they can achieve in their life.

People, on the other hand are defined by what they know, what they can do and how they feel about what they have to do.

We provide tailored,  competency-based learning programmes and support client in-house programmes aimed optimising the role of leadership, team and individual performance.

Our range of learning and development solutions aims at enhancing business performance through consolidation of knowledge, skills, attitudes and culture.

To effectively render people resources strategic, we work with clients to develop human resource management strategies aimed at  acquisition, development and retention of high-performing talent.

Management of organisational talent focuses on structured development and integration of technical, non-technical and behavioural competencies on which the business can reliably depend to face the future.

Our work in this area links us to progressive and futuristic organizations that understand the difference that integration of talent within an organiastion’s broader strategy can make.

The one of the single most disturbing challenge for CEOs and leading HR Managers today is the quality of people on which they hope to build sustainable organizational capacity. 

Finance is easy to access – and so is much else that money can buy; not so for people!

We work with clients to source talent through a specialized recruitment and selection service pitched to link performance requirements with high-performing candidates of varying experience. 

Through our recruitment and selection service, our clients gain from refined targeting of candidates in the recruitment process, which significantly reduces the cost and risks relating to filling of positions that fall vacant within their organisations.

As part of our integrated advisory services we provide an outsourcing service, through which our clients are able to access ready solutions where for a wide range of reasons certain business functions may more efficiently or profitably be run as distinct operations, or removed from the client's core operations altogether. 

Through the outsourcing of business-critical but non-core operations our clients benefit from affordable use and access to high-quality professionals, who, by becoming part of the client's team provide real business value and enhance focus on business results.

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