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"The reasons for people wanting to join professional corporate consulting tend to be the same: they want to make a difference; they want to add value; they want to take leadership of situations; they want to compete; they want to do things the right way; and they believe it can be done".

With the many hours we spend at work, it is important for us that work be not just the process of earning a living, but a rewarding experience through which we realize our full potential and make a meaningful difference to the individuals, organisations, and communities we serve.

We are a team of determined professionals united by a genuine desire to excel, and we work hard to achieve what we set to achieve.

Our shared commitment to professional excellence creates a bond within us that enables us to perfect what we know, and to explore new areas, spurred by the confidence and assurance that only a trusted, committed and caring team can give.

Working as a consultant is an enormously enriching experience, and you'd definitely be making a good career choice.

With the diversity of clients you get to work for, there’s never a dull moment, especially if you manage to connect with your clients’ circumstances as passionately as they do themselves.

Advisory work draws from vast, sound and universal knowledge developed to respond to various challenges facing mankind.  It is this knowledge we put to use for the benefit of our clients, which makes advisory a noble career.

Our work  must never, therefore, be so much about our fees or how much you earn as an individual, as it must be about the transformational results that a client obtains from their engagement with us as their consultants.  This is always important to bear in mind.

To build a successful career in our Corporate Advisory Division, you need to have a keen interest in organizations and how different resources are put together to obtain specific pre-set, or guided  results. You would need to have a passion for understanding how different businesses work, how they compete, and how they cope with various challenges.

While organizations may seem to present similar concerns, the causes for such concerns vary widely, as do the probable solutions. This calls for ingenuity and a fresh perspective of each client assignment.

The main emphasis here is on developing sound understanding of different business models, and how different variables in each model can be optimized to deliver unique results for varying client situations.

It will help if you have a broad understanding of business concepts in finance, marketing, economics, and project management, as well as appreciation of global trends in technology, politics, governance and social order within different communities across the world.

Our People Performance Division focuses on people.  To build a successful career in our People Performance Division, you would need to have a keen interest in how people acquire various capabilities, how these capabilities can be optimally matched to organisational performance requirements, and how people’s performance can be measured and evaluated.

In addition, you would need to have a passion for developing ways in which organizations can attain sustainable competitive advantage through their people and the models within which they work.
Working in People Performance will require you to start with the end in mind: “what do organizations want to achieve and how can they use people to achieve their goals”?
Your ability to think systematically, break down complex organizational performance requirements into specific individual performance competencies and to establish reliable bases for the evaluation of performance are invaluable when you work in our People Performance Division.
Different organizations, however, have different cultures, and draw from different experiences, which means that no one solution fits all. In addition to this, like most other areas of our work, there are new developments each day in how organizations seek to build competitive advantage around people.This means that in addition to your latent capabilities, continuous learning at a personal level is a must for you to maintain relevance as an advisory professional.

What is corporate consulting all about

Corporate consulting is a professional undertaking. Corporate consultants work with clients to solve various issues, create value, maximise growth and to improve overall business performance


Why is corporate consulting such an exciting career?

Management consulting firms receive piles of applications from recent graduates and experienced professionals each year. What is it with management consulting that makes it so popular?


How to succeed as a corporate consulting professional

Passing the recruitment process is difficult, but carrying out the regular responsibilities of a consultant is even more challenging. At first, everything is going to be overwhelming, but once you get the hang of management consulting, you will be fine.


What does a typical corporate consulting assignment entail

Understanding the roles and responsibilities of consultants working for management consulting firms will let you know if this career is proper for you. read more...

The working life of a management consultant

She is young, speaks with a soft Irish voice, and, at 6 p.m. still seems conspicuously enthusiastic at a time of day when many of us are beginning to get a little frazzled and impatient. Jill Holohan lets Leo Benedictus into the working life of a management consultant. read more...

Thoughts on a corporate consultant's personality

It is impossible to box the personality of all management consultants in one description. After all, they are endowed with uniquely different characteristics. However, it is undeniable that many of them behave or react in the same manner in various situations.


Management consultancy; walking the tough road

Most consultants work for 50 to 80 hours in a week. Official consulting work hours may run from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. but consultants never seem to have enough within that 8-hour period. At worst times, they need to work for 15 hours a day just to beat deadlines, tally performance data or finish the brainstorming session. A management consultant's lifestyle is tough.


Impact of a corporate consulting career on family and social relationships

Though management consulting is one of the most rewarding jobs ever, it has also its share of disadvantages. Spouses and significant others to management consultants are, unfortunately, often known to complain of lack of quality time with these working beings.


What are management consultant's top three critical success factors

Management consultants have different preferences when it comes to sectors to work on, topics to research on and projects to be assigned to. Irrespective of their different preferences, there are three success factors that each management consultant must possess to carry out their tasks.


Work-life balance in corporate consulting

One of the common problems in management consulting firms across the world is the work-life imbalance of its employees. The nature of their job compels them to work for longer hours, a clear indication that there is less time to prioritize the simple pleasures in life. If you'd like to pursue a career in this field, find out how you'll manage this issue.


Management consultancy: Why talented people are back in demand

If you'd mentioned wanting to become a management consultant two years ago, you'd have seen more than a few raised eyebrows. Post-crash, the industry saw a decline in personnel to the tune of 8,000. But although the economic downturn is by no means over yet, the demand for new management consultants is up again.


"The rich also cry"

Management consulting has two faces: one shows off the advantages and the other tolerates the disadvantages. The opposite forces make the position both gratifying and taxing. What makes consultants smile and frown.


How important are your school grades in corporate consulting

Recruiters take a look at your GPA when you apply for a position in management consulting firms. Your grades are indicators of your education, the basic foundation for any kind of career. What more are recruiters looking for. read more...

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